Welcome to the SaSq squares for May 2018

These are the first SaSq's to start this initiative to record in under- and un-recorded monads, 1km squares in the BIS area. On launch all three SaSq's were unrecorded with zero records on the BIS database.

May is a great time for spotting the early summer visitors and late spring flowering plants.

Click on the maps below to download a pdf of each square.

VC42 Brecknockshire

This months square in VC42 Brecknockshire for which BIS hold zero records is SO0541, near Erwood. To the west of Erwood there is a minor road running north south, which leads to various tracks onto the common and a bridleway. There is also a short section of footpath in the north east of the square.

VC43 Radnorshire

This months square in VC43 Radnorshire for which BIS hold zero records is SO2572, near Knighton. West of Knighton and Garth Hill the Glyndwr's Way footpath crosses the square east west along a track. This is the only public access through this mainly arable square.

VC47 Montgomeryshire

This months square in VC47 Montgomeryshire for which BIS hold zero records is SO0490, near Caersws. South east of Caersws the minor road Moat Lane runs north south through the square. There are several footpaths in the eastern half of this square and the Mid Wales Golf Centre is to the west. It is close to the A470/A489 junction.