Survey a Square

Welcome to Survey a Square (SaSq). Every month three 1km squares will be announced (one for each vice county). These will be squares where BIS holds few, if any, biological records. We’d like you to record in these areas and fill in the gaps in our maps. Submit your records to us via BIS WiReD or you can email or post a spreadsheet – email us for a form. If you’d like to know of other lesser recorded squares in your area or want us to send you a map please get in touch.

When recording please take a common sense approach.

  • We do not advocate any form of trespassing, and please do not take any risks with regards your own health and safety.
  • All records are welcome, even the most common of species!
  • For a record to be useful, we will need the following information: species name (common or scientific), recorder's name; date recorded; location name; grid reference (ideally 6 figures or more). Please feel free to include extra information or photos.


Recent Months

Month Description  
May 2018

These are the first SaSq's to start this initiative to record in under- and un-recorded monads, 1...