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Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan

Resilient Ecological Networks

In 2016/17 Environment Systems was commissioned on behalf of the Powys Nature Partnership (PNP) to review the Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan written in 2002. As part of this process they undertook habitat network analysis for Powys excluding Brecon Beacons National Park, for grassland; woodland; wetland and heathland. A full explanation of the methodology extracted from the draft General Action Plan (GAP) can be seen here in the BIS library.

In addition to the individual network and network opportunity maps, combined layers have been created for this project. The combined stock layer can help to identify current biodiversity hotspots, as species associated with different types of habitats co-occur at these sites. Similarly, the combined opportunity map identifies locations with opportunities for more than one network. This can facilitate management intervention in one location enhancing more than one network, even though in some cases it might not be possible to address both opportunities in a manner that benefits both networks.

To view the maps, click on the relevant picture below. Once in the map view you can change maps by clicking on the dropdown menu in top righthand corner ‘Select Map Layer’

Combined Network

Combined Network Opportunities

Grassland Network

Grassland Opportunities

Heathland Network

Heathland Opportunities

Wetland Network

Wetland Opportunities

Woodland Network

Woodland Opportunities

1KM Abundance

1KM Richness