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Survey A Square for May 2018 in VC42

This months square in VC42 Brecknockshire for which BIS hold zero records is SO0541, near Erwood. To the west of Erwood there is a minor road running north south, which leads to various tracks onto the common and a bridleway. There is also a short section of footpath in the north east of the square. If you feel inspired to record in this square you will be getting lots of 'firsts' for these areas. Click on the link for a map of this square. Notes about Survey A Square: Please take a commo... more

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Spot this Species Mistle Thrush & Song Thrush

It's been a while since we had species of the week so here's two 'Spot this Species' to go out and look for.

Spot this Species
Mistle thrush Turdus viscivorus
Song thrush Turdus philomelos

With the days getting longer many birds have started singing as they become territorial.
Song thrush and Mistle thrush are familiar but often confused. To help you here are some distinguishing features - open the pdf below. If you'd like to receive these and other information on biological recording sign up to our ema

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Survey a Sqaure Launch 14th April 2018

Our Survey a Square biological recording campaign will launch on Saturday 14th April with square SN8111, near Ystradgynlias. There will be a follow up event on Monday 23rd April in square SN8009.

Survey a Square
will highlight 1km squares where BIS hold only 1 or zero records. There will be 1 square advertised per vice county per month following the April launch. In May look out for squares in Radnorshire, Montgomereyshire and Brecknockshire. 

The events will record all species and these wi

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Lesser Recorded monads / 1km squares

Coming Soon - Squares of the Month
In the BIS area there are many 1km squares with only 1 or 0 records. The map show the location of these lesser recorded monads.
Each month 3 squares of the month will be announced, one in each vice county, as a focus for recording effort to increase the recording holding for that square.
We'll be launching this in April in association with Brecknock Wildlife Trust covering 2 squares in the Ystradgynlais area.

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BIS revised scale of charges

Go to the library to see revised hourly charges as passed by the BOD on 13/11/2017. Click here.

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Autumn edition of the BIS Recorders newsletter is out now

Welcome to the autumn edition of the BIS newsletter. In this bumper edition there are exciting articles on ladybirds, Hairy Dragonflies, Pearl-Bordered and Marsh Fritillaries, reviews of 2016 for Breconshire Birds and Brecknock Botany Group along with further ins and outs at BIS and our second Recorder of the Season. On page 19 is the programme for this year’s Recorders Forum on 28th November 2017.... more

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Buglife Cymru’s Autumn Oil Beetle Hunt

Last spring Buglife asked for your help in recording oil beetles in Wales, and thanks to your help we now have a much better idea of where these threatened beetles are; we can now use this information to help to protect and enhance the wildflower-rich habitats upon which the beetles rely.

You may have now caught the oil beetle recording ‘bug’ and can’t wait til next spring to get out and look for more beetles. Well, fear not though as this is the time of year that our third and mos

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Launch of Aderyn at LERC Wales 10th Anniversary Event

Following the launch of the Aderyn ( Biodiversity Information Reporting Database) public tools in June 2016 additional tools including planning reporting, full partner access and commercial reporting were demonstrated at the LERC Wales 10 yr Anniversary Event. The work of the Local Environmental Records Centres was showcased at University of Wales Trinity St David (UWTSD) on Friday, July 14th 2017.
As well as two guest speakers, (the keynote presented by Andy Middleton, co-founder of the TYF
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LERC Wales reaches 10 million records

The 10 millionth record was received by West Wales Information Centre and was a record of Whorled Caraway, the county flower of Camarthenshire. The county can be considered a s the global stronghold of the species.

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