June 9th 2020

A first for Breconshire - Long horned bee, Eucera longicornis

The Long-horned bee, Eucera longicornis, has been spotted in Brecon by Keith Noble, who saw this first vice county record in his garden. It is rarely seen or recorded in the BIS area, this being only the 11th record we hold, of the 103 records for all Wales in Aderyn, our database. It has been seen more recently in the BIS area, in Radnorshire, at Gilfach Nature Reserve, and in Monmouthshire in Pandy north of Abergavenny - the easterly edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The male & female Long-horned bee have long antennae, in the male it is much longer. More information on this species can be found on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website. A map of it's Welsh distribution can be seen in the public area of Aderyn, click here.

Added 09/06/2020 10:25