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March 23rd 2016

‘CENNAD’ Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme

‘CENNAD’ Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme is now open to applications, from today for 3 weeks. Please note closing date: 11 April 2016.

The Plantlife Cymru Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme ‘CENNAD’ is open to all, through application in March 2016; with training events running April 2016- March 2018. The learning focus will be on epiphytic lichens, particularly species associated with Atlantic woodlands and way-side trees. A combination of learning approaches will be offered through a structured learning programme, including workshop and field training days, site survey; specialist mentoring; home study; microscope sessions; a travelling herbarium; email and web-based support via ‘Lichens of Wales’ website; regional group work and partnership support. Training, and support provided, will build on good practice gained from similar apprenticeship schemes run across the UK.
For further information contact or go to link below
  Tracey Lovering Plantlife Cymru Lower Plants and Fungi Officer Wales/
Wales Plant Link Cymru (PLinC) Officer Swyddog Planhigion Diflodau a Ffyngau Cymru/
Swyddog PLinC Cymru
Ffôn lôn/
Mobile: 07710 235706
Swyddfa/Office: 01654 781225
Please apply for apprenticeship on-line - Closing date: 11 April 2016         

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