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Get Involved in Recording Wildlife - an Overview

BIS aims to promote and support biological recording in Powys and the Brecon Beacons National Park. We are keen to encourage and help new people make biological records of the wildlife they see and hear. This can include tracks and signs as well as the species.

These biological records add to our knowledge of biodiversity and are made available to those that need them.

What is a biological record?

A biological record captures information about wildlife in our natural world. To be a complete record that is useful to others, it should include the following:

  • What you saw – a species name either common or scientific.
  • Where you saw it – a grid reference (ideally 6 figure or more) and local place name.
  • When you saw it – a date.
  • Who made the record – your name and that of anyone who helped with identification.

To find a grid reference for a wildlife sighting use the ‘Grab a Grid Reference’ website.

Why record wildlife?

  • So we know what lives where and ensure human activities do not cause damage to wildlife.
  • It allows us to plot species distribution.
  • To monitor changes in populations and distribution for e.g. contributing to climate change information.
  • To derive which species are rare locally and nationally.

Who can record?

  • Anyone can make a biological record; you just need to be confident in your identification.

What to record?

  • All sightings of wildlife can be recorded.
  • A particular group e.g. butterflies and what you can confidently identify.

Where to record?

You can record anywhere, but should seek landowner permission for access where necessary. Some examples are below:

  • In your garden.
  • On a walk.
  • In your local park.
  • At a nature reserve.

When to record?

  • Record at anytime. The wildlife you see will vary with the seasons, weather and time of day.

How to make biological records.

There are many ways to turn your wildlife sightings into biological records. Visit our ‘Submit a Record’ page to find out how. To see what has already been recorded in your area use our ‘What’s in my Area’ tool.

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