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BIS 20 Challenge - An Autumnal 10 October & November 2021 - 30/11/2021

Our prize winning BIS 20 Challenge for October and November 2021 is to spot and record the selected 10 species, our 'Autumnal 10'. To complete the challenge record at least 5 in October & November in Powys and the Brecon Beacons National Park area using the LERC Wales App, BIS Wired or iRecord.

To take up this prize winning challenge register via our Eventbrite webpage, click here.

Our BIS 20 Challenge selected Autumnal 10 are;
Nuthatch - has a distinctive orange breast and blue-grey wings.
Hare - longer black tipped ears distinguish it from rabbit.
Golden Pigmy moth, Stigmella aurella (on Bramble) - a leaf miner moth, which lays its eggs on bramble leaves. The larva when hatched mines the leaf leaving a familiar gallery mine.
King Alfred's Cakes - found on dead wood. Not edible but can be used for starting fires.
Fly Agaric - often seen under birch trees.
Nut Leaf Blister Moth, Phyllonorycter coryli (on Hazel) - another leaf miner moth, where the larvae form a blotch on the upper side of hazel leaves.
Black Bryony - a twisting climber with heart shaped glossy leaves and shiny red berries, which are poisoness. Look for it in hedgerows and woodland.
Mole (Molehills) - a sure sign of moles - add a comment to says 'Molehills' when recording.
Birch Besom - growths amongst the branches of Birch usually caused by the fungus Taphrina betulina.
Silk Button Spangle Galls - tiny doughnut shaped galls on the underside of Oak leaves. They are often accompanied by the plainer Common spangle gall.

Download & Print the Autumnal 10 below.


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