Data Holdings :: Overview

On this page you will find a list of the major datasets that BIS holds along with some basic information about those datasets.

BIS care for a large number of datasets from a wide variety of sources. You can filter the list below by taxon group. To see more information about a particular dataset, click on the magnifying glass icon on the right of the row.

Data Holdings (146 datasets found)

Taxon Group Name Records Area Covered More Info
Miscellaneous A review of Lepidoptera. Oswestry uplands. 2000 168 VC47
Site Survey A Study to Determine the Status of Marsh Fritillary in the Crai and Trecastle D... [more] 28 VC42, VC44
Site Survey A Survey of Hatterrrall Hill for Pearl Bordered Fritillary & High Brown Fritill... [more] 46 Brecon Beacons National Park
Site Survey A Survey of the Pearl-bordered Fritillary - at sites within the Oswestry Upland... [more] 69 VC47
Invertebrates All Wales Invertebrates 2892 Wales
Reptiles & Amphibians Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust 90 BIS; Powys & BBNP
Reptiles & Amphibians Amphibian National Recording Scheme - 1995 94 VC42, VC43, VC44, VC47, VC35
Insects - True Flies BBNP Diptera records 3110 BBNP
Invertebrates BBNP Freshwater Invertebrates 292
Fungi BBNP Fungi 347 BBNP; VC42
Invertebrates BBNP Invertebrate recording weekend 1952 Brecon Beacons National Park
Miscellaneous BBNP Species data 64942 BBNP; VC42
Site Survey BBNP Wildlife Sites 2007 3504 BBNP
Mosses & Liverworts BBS Bryophyte records in BIS area 114468 Breconshire; Powys and BBNP
Site Survey Biological Survey of Common Land 3257 UK
Birds Birdtrack 32356 BIS; Breconshire; Radnorshire
Miscellaneous BIS Casual records 10618 BIS; CCW Eastern Area (Powys and BBNP); Powys & BBNP; Powys and BBNP
Miscellaneous BIS WiReD 1906 Powys &BBNP
Site Survey Botanical Survey of Four Basin Mires of Montgomeryshire 483 Montgomeryshire; VC47
Site Survey Botanical Survey Wet flush field Cwm Sere 45 Cwm Sere
Site Survey Brecknock Botany Group Surveys 594 VC42
Miscellaneous Brecknock Flora Reports 161811 BIS; Breconshire; VC42
Site Survey Brecon Beacons Biological Survey 640
Reptiles & Amphibians Breconshire and BBNP Amphibian and Reptile Records 980 Brecknock & BBNP; Brecknockshire; Breconshire; VC42; VC42, VC35
Mosses & Liverworts Breconshire Bryophytes VC42 2008 849 Brecknockshire
Birds Breconshire VC42 Birds 69075 Brecknock; Breconshire; Mainly VC42; Mostly VC42; VC42; VC42 and a few just out... [more]
Insects - Butterflies Breconshire VC42 Butterflies 4872 BIS; VC42; VC42 Breconshire
Insects - True Flies Breconshire VC42 Diptera 212 VC 42 and some just outside
Lichens Breconshire VC42 Lichen Records 2008 35 VC42
Mammals Breconshire VC42 Mammals 8487 BIS area excluding VC43; Brecknockshire; Powys & BBNP; VC42; VC42 and BBNP
Insects - Moths Breconshire VC42 Moths 409882 BIS; VC42, VC43, VC44
Insects - Dragonflies Breconshire VC42 Odonata 1892 VC42
Vascular Plants Breconshire VC42 Vascular Plants 181494 BIS; Brecknockshire; Breconshire; VC42
Site Survey Brinore Tramroad, Preliminary Report on the Ecology 765 Talybont to Trefil
Fungi British Mycological Society Important Fungus Areas 41 UK - Powys & BBNP data extracted
Insects - Butterflies Brown Hairstreak Egg Survey BBNP 2005-2007 14 VC44
Site Survey Brynmawr North Land Use Survey 282
Mosses & Liverworts Bryophyte Records - Sam Bosenquet 7810 BIS; BIS & BBNP with 5km buffer; Powys & BBNP; Powys and BBNP
Miscellaneous BWT Records 12438 BBNP & POWYS; BBNP and Brecknock; BIS; Brecknock; Brecknockshire; Brecon Beacon... [more]
Miscellaneous BWT Reserves Data 3581 VC42
Mammals Cardiff University Otter Project 199 Powys and Brecon Beacons National Park
Miscellaneous Carex temp 351 BBNP
Invertebrates Carmarthenshire (BBNP) Invertebrate Data 75 Carmarthenshire part of BBNP
Birds Carmarthenshire Bird Club Records 43 Carmarthenshire
Mammals Carmarthenshire mammals VC44 12 BBNP Park area of VC44
Vascular Plants Carmarthenshire Rare Plants (WWBIC) 197 Carmarthenshire
Mosses & Liverworts Carmarthenshire VC44 Bryophytes 11566 Carmarthenshire; VC42; VC44 plus BBNP
Miscellaneous CCW Data Mobilised by BIS 443063 BBNP; BIS; Brecknock; Brecknock (not BBNP); Brecknockshire; CCW (Eastern Area);... [more]
Miscellaneous CCW data mobilised by Cofnod 23 BIS; Wales
Birds CCW RSPB Bird Surveys 1995 - 2005 23 VC35, VC41, VC42, VC43, VC44, VC47
Site Survey CCW Waxcap Grassland Survey 1393 Wales
Site Survey CCW Waxcap Survey 2012 198 Wales
Miscellaneous Coed Cymru General Species Recording 2003 4 Powys
Miscellaneous Coed Cymru Native Woodland Plans 2002-2003 2962 Powys
Site Survey Coed Cymru Woodland Surveys 1998-2003 462 Powys
Miscellaneous David Mitchel's Powys Records 3650 Powys
Mammals Dead Bat Passive Surveillance Survey 8 VC47
Site Survey Dolydd Hafren monitoring 8628 Dolydd Hafren; Montgomeryshire; Powys &BBNP; VC42
Mammals EA Otter database 127 Wales and Herefordshire
Site Survey Ecological Survey of the Countryside around Blaenavon, Monmouthshire 350 Area surrounding Blaenavon
Reptiles & Amphibians English Nature/Leicester Polytechnic Amphibian Survey 15 Brecknock & BBNP
Mammals Glamorgan Bat Group Surveys 71 BIS area
Reptiles & Amphibians Great Crested Newt Licence returns 62 Powys
Mammals Herbert's Quarry Lime Kilns. A Bat Assessment & Recommendations by Just Mammals 2 Brecon Beacons National Park
Vascular Plants Himalayan Balsam on River Irfon 2010 202 River Irfon
Mammals International Otter Survival Fund Records 13 BIS
Miscellaneous iRecord Downloads 11338 Powys &BBNP
Birds Lapwing Data (NL) 26 BBNP-POWYS
Lichens Lichen Sites in Brecknock 157 Brecknock
Miscellaneous Living Record Download 11/12/14 105 BIS
Mammals Mammal records 2011 BIS area 440 BBNP
Site Survey Marteg Survey 2008 564 VC43
Site Survey Meithrin Mynydd Project - Report on Surveys for Otters, Mink & Water Voles 167 Meithrin Mynydd
Reptiles & Amphibians Mid Powys Great Crested Newt Survey 50 Mid Powys
Mammals Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project 7 BIS
Vascular Plants Misc plant records in BIS area Updated 2012 316 BIS area
Lichens Miscellaneous Lichen Records 140 BIS
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous records in BIS area 9948 BIS; Breconshire; Montgomeryshire; Powys; Powys & BBNP; Powys &BBNP; Powys and ... [more]
Mammals Monmouthshire Mammals VC35 31 Monmouthshire
Vascular Plants Monmouthshire Rare Plants 8 Monmouthshire - VC35 (inc. BBNP)
Mammals Montgomery Hare Survey Records 117 BIS
Birds Montgomeryshire Barn Owl Records VC47 21 BIS
Birds Montgomeryshire Barn Owls VC47 687 VC47
Spiders Montgomeryshire Spiders 28 VC47
Birds Montgomeryshire VC47 Bird Records Miscellaneous 65 VC47
Insects - Butterflies Montgomeryshire VC47 Butterflies 17485 BIS; Montgomeryshire; VC47
Miscellaneous Montgomeryshire VC47 Herptiles 148 VC47
Mammals Montgomeryshire VC47 Mammals 8083 Montgomeryshire VC47
Miscellaneous Montgomeryshire VC47 Miscellaneous Records 1917 Montgomeryshire; VC47
Insects - Moths Montgomeryshire VC47 Moths 175533 BIS; Montgomeryshire; VC47
Insects - Dragonflies Montgomeryshire VC47 Odonata 2480 VC 47, SN78, SN69, SN97, SN86, SN87, SN96; VC47
Vascular Plants Montgomeryshire VC47 Plant Records 64310 BIS; Montgomeryshire; VC47
Birds Morfa Dyfi Bird Records 1299 VC47
Miscellaneous MWT 94927 BIS; Dolydd Hafren; Llyn Coed Y Dinas; Montgomery Canal; Montgomeryshire; Montg... [more]
Birds MWT Bird Survey 9142 Montgomeryshire; VC47
Birds MWT Llyn Coed-y-Dinas Bird Survey 5431 Llyn Coed Y Dinas; VC47
Site Survey MWT Wildlife Site Survey 9332 Montgomeryshire
Birds MWT Winter Bird Survey 8495 Montgomeryshire; Powys and BBNP
Miscellaneous National Earthworm Recording Scheme 2016 36 BIS
Mammals National Polecat Survey 2014 - 2015 53 BIS
Vascular Plants National Trust Red Wood Ant Survey 122 BBNP-POWYS
Miscellaneous NBN Downloads 90965 BIS area
Miscellaneous NBN Gateway Export March16 152653 BBNP; BBNP SN94151370; BBNP, Gwent area; BIS; Brecknockshire; Brecon Beacons Na... [more]
Reptiles & Amphibians NCC/Leicester Polytechnic Amphibian Survey 303 Thought to be UK-wide survey. Powys & BBNP records extracted.
Birds North Wales Bird Atlas 3356 North Wales
Birds North Wales Bird Atlas (Sensitive) 29 North Wales
Miscellaneous NRW HQ Datasets 118084 All Wales; BBNP Mid & South Glamorgan; BIS; Camarthen and Dinefwr; Gwent BBNP; ... [more]
Mammals Otter Survey of Wales 2009-2010 329 BIS
Mammals Our Beacon for Bats 325 BIS
Miscellaneous Peregrine Falcon Data South Wales 2000 - 2004 17 South Wales
Miscellaneous Powys & BBNP Alien Species Records 328 Powys & BBNP
Lichens Powys Lichens 4867 Powys
Mammals Radnorshire Badger Group Records 465 Radnorshire VC43
Birds Radnorshire Barn Owls 39 Radnorshire
Mosses & Liverworts Radnorshire Bryophytes VC43 150 VC43
Lichens Radnorshire Lichen Rare Plant Register 307 Radnorshire
Vascular Plants Radnorshire Moss Rare Plant Register 235 Radnorshire
Miscellaneous Radnorshire Rare Liverworts Database 79 Radnorshire
Birds Radnorshire VC43 Birds 3782 BIS; Mostly Radnorshire; Radnorshire VC43
Insects - Butterflies Radnorshire VC43 Butterflies 14069 Radnorshire; Radnorshire VC43
Reptiles & Amphibians Radnorshire VC43 Herp 523 BIS; Radnorshire VC43; VC42
Vascular Plants Radnorshire VC43 higher Plants 3896 Radnorshire; VC43
Invertebrates Radnorshire VC43 Invertebrates 16749 Mostly VC43; Powys; Radnorshire VC43; VC43
Lichens Radnorshire VC43 Lichen Records 2008 285 VC43
Mammals Radnorshire VC43 Mammals 5556 Radnorshire VC43
Miscellaneous Radnorshire VC43 Miscellaneous Records 30154 Powys and BBNP areas; Radnorshire; Radnorshire VC43; United Kingdom; VC42
Insects - Moths Radnorshire VC43 Moths 76008 Radnorshire VC43
Insects - Dragonflies Radnorshire VC43 Odonata 6456 BIS; Radnorshire VC 43; United Kingdom; VC43
Site Survey River Severn Custodians Survey for Japanese Knotweed 66 VC47
Miscellaneous Roadside Verge Nature Reserves - Powys Wildlife Trust 9864 BIS; Powys; VC42
Birds RSPB Records 726 Montgomeryshire
Birds RSPB Survey West BBNP 202 BBNP
Miscellaneous RWT Records 24433 Powys & BBNP; Radnorshire; Radnorshire VC 43; Radnorshire VC43; SO0964; VC47
Birds SCARABBS Bird Surveys 1998 - 2010 33 VC35, VC41, VC42, VC43, VC44, VC47
Miscellaneous SEWBReC 30649 BBNP; BBNP VC 35
Miscellaneous SEWBRECORD (BIS) 1064 BIS
Insects - Butterflies Study of Marsh Fritillary in the BBNP 12 VC35, VC42, VC43, VC44, VC47
Site Survey Survey of Traeth Mawr and Traeth Bach 61 BIS
Site Survey Survey of Wildlife Habitats, Montgomery College of Further Education Farm. 17 VC47
Site Survey Talybont Reservoir Surveys 2013 onwards - BWT 496 VC42; VC43
Miscellaneous Vegetation Monitoring, Llanbrynmair Moors, Powys. 99 VC47
Miscellaneous Vincent Wildlife Trust 284 VC42,43,47
Miscellaneous Welsh Biological Recording Group: Reports and Records of Field Meetings 1976 103 Wales
Invertebrates Welsh Centipede Records in BIS area 364 Powys and BBNP
Mammals Welsh Polecat and Ferret survey 2004-2006 62 All Wales
Site Survey WTSWW Garden Survey 39 BBNP