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Buglife Cymru’s Autumn Oil Beetle Hunt

Last spring Buglife asked for your help in recording oil beetles in Wales, and thanks to your help we now have a much better idea of where these threatened beetles are; we can now use this information to help to protect and enhance the wildflower-rich habitats upon which the beetles rely.

You may have now caught the oil beetle recording ‘bug’ and can’t wait til next spring to get out and look for more beetles. Well, fear not though as this is the time of year that our third and mos

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Launch of Aderyn at LERC Wales 10th Anniversary Event

Following the launch of the Aderyn ( Biodiversity Information Reporting Database) public tools in June 2016 additional tools including planning reporting, full partner access and commercial reporting were demonstrated at the LERC Wales 10 yr Anniversary Event. The work of the Local Environmental Records Centres was showcased at University of Wales Trinity St David (UWTSD) on Friday, July 14th 2017.
As well as two guest speakers, (the keynote presented by Andy Middleton, co-founder of the TYF
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LERC Wales reaches 10 million records

The 10 millionth record was received by West Wales Information Centre and was a record of Whorled Caraway, the county flower of Camarthenshire. The county can be considered a s the global stronghold of the species.

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Butterflies of Montgomeryshire 2017 (VC47)

Montgmeryshire is an under recorded area for butterflies and Doug Boyes, county recorder, has prepared a document with information on county butterflies and where to target your recording.   Follow the link to the BIS library.

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Time to nominate an outstanding biological recorder for the UK

The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) is accepting nominations for the 2017 UK awards to celebrate biological recording and information sharing. There are six categories:

  • Gilbert White Youth Award for terrestrial and freshwater wildlife
  • Gilbert White Adult Award for terrestrial and freshwater wildlife
  • David Robertson Youth Award for marine and coastal wildlife
  • David Robertson Adult Award for marine and coastal wildlife
  • Lynne Farrell Group Award for wildlife recording
  • Adult Newcomer Award
Five short-
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ID guide to oil beetles in Wales now available

Buglife have released a simple and informative guide in English and Welsh to help those living in Wales to find and ID oil beetles. Your photographs and records can be submitted via their website, and help contribute towards the conservation of a fascinating but threatened species. ... more

Added 24/04/2017 13:34

NBN Atlas update

NBN Gateway is to close on Friday 31st March to coincide with the release of the NBN Atlas.

‘A summary of some of the important changes this will involve can be found on the NBN website. These changes include the need to re-register for the NBN Atlas, removal of access controls for non-sensitive records, records will be available at public resolution only, any improved access granted through the NBN Gateway will not be transferred over to the NBN Atlas, and all datasets will be associated

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PondNet Spawn Count 2017

PondNet Spawn Count 2017 has launched! Find ID guides, recording forms and how to take part here.

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Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan

In July 2016 the Powys Biodiversity Partnership commissioned Environment Systems Ltd. to undertake a short project to review the current Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP). The output of the review will be the Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan. Visit our BIS library to see Opportunity mapping results.... more

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Aderyn now available in Welsh

Aderyn, the Biodiversity Information and Reporting Database of Local Environmental Records Centres Wales, is now fully available in Welsh. Public can access wildlife sightings and species records collated by the four LERCs, covering the whole of Wales. Anyone can use this site to view lists of species recorded around their home, or maps showing the distribution of species according to data held by LERC Wales. Partners, recorders and planners can be licenced to access high resolution,... more

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