May 2nd 2018

Survey A Square for May 2018 in VC42

This months square in VC42 Brecknockshire for which BIS hold zero records is SO0541, near Erwood. To the west of Erwood there is a minor road running north south, which leads to various tracks onto the common and a bridleway. There is also a short section of footpath in the north east of the square. If you feel inspired to record in this square you will be getting lots of 'firsts' for these areas. Click on the link for a map of this square. Notes about Survey A Square: Please take a common sense approach to recording in these squares. We do not advocate any form of trespassing, and please do not take any risks with regards your own health and safety. All records are welcome, even the most common of species! For a record to be useful, we will need the following information: species name (common or scientific), recorder's name; date recorded; location name; grid reference (ideally 6 figures or more). Please feel free to include extra information or photos. You can submit records to us in a variety of ways; ideally via our online recording tool. You can also submit records via email or post.
Added 02/05/2018 16:34