September 13th 2017

Buglife Cymru’s Autumn Oil Beetle Hunt

Last spring Buglife asked for your help in recording oil beetles in Wales, and thanks to your help we now have a much better idea of where these threatened beetles are; we can now use this information to help to protect and enhance the wildflower-rich habitats upon which the beetles rely.

You may have now caught the oil beetle recording ‘bug’ and can’t wait til next spring to get out and look for more beetles. Well, fear not though as this is the time of year that our third and most elusive species of oil beetle in Wales – the Rugged oil beetle - emerges.

This Autumn we need your help! Please let us know if you spot a Rugged oil beetle in Wales, there is every chance that your sighting could be a new discovery!

If you see any large, conspicuous black beetles on your travels please submit your sightings and a photo to our Oil beetle survey page. Our Oil beetle Identification guide will help you identify your beetles, but even if you’re unsure please send in your record anyway as we have experts at hand to identify them from your photographs.

Added 13/09/2017 10:32