April 25th 2017

NBN Atlas update

NBN Gateway is to close on Friday 31st March to coincide with the release of the NBN Atlas.

‘A summary of some of the important changes this will involve can be found on the NBN website. These changes include the need to re-register for the NBN Atlas, removal of access controls for non-sensitive records, records will be available at public resolution only, any improved access granted through the NBN Gateway will not be transferred over to the NBN Atlas, and all datasets will be associated with one of four dataset licences.’

BIS has agreed that the NRW data on Gateway can be moved across to the Atlas at full public resolution as before. The Brecknock Birds data has been updated and will be available at 1km square resolution. INNS data has been updated and will be available at full resolution. All other BIS data on NBN Gateway will be updated and then exported directly to the Atlas at 10km square resolution. BIS will licence its data CC-BY-NC which allows the use of data for non-commercial purposes only. Unfortunately the enhanced access controls have been removed, but may be re-introduced at a later date, however BIS and LERC Wales data is readily available for commercial and non-commercial use. Please contact BIS if you have any queries.
Added 25/04/2017 12:52