Wildlife Recording Day VC42 Crickadarn near Builth Wells - 17/09/2020

An opportunity to join Breconshire (VC42) county recorders on a private site where habitats include woodland, unimproved pasture and a large pond. We will also be doing general recording of all species.

When: Thursday 17 September 2020
Time: approx. 10:30am to 3pm

Location: Old Bedw near Crickadarn, Builth Wells. LD2 3LQ - approx
Grid Reference: SO0646 (part in SO0645)

Cost: Free event.

Refreshments: Bring your own

To attend you must book on with or 07479 279 830
Event day contact: BIS mobile 07479 279 830

Site Description
11/12 acres at 1200ft. The top of our land joins Banc y Celyn common ie moorland. We have unimproved pasture which we have been trying to manage for wildflowers, some hedgerows, some woodland which includes a stand of big Sitka spruce, larch and some mixed woodland and quite a big pond in what was a quarry. The pond may be very low as it tends to dry up over the summer months. It had water in all year last year (2019) (though the level dropped) but the year before (2018) it did dry up.
Many species of birds including curlew, mammals, amphibians, butterflies, moth and plants.

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