Powys Nature Recovery Plan, Ecological Networks, Opportunities to enhance ecological networks.

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Opportunities for multiple networks.

Opportunity for one network.

Core and stepping stone habitat for one or more networks.

No opportunities.

Vice county boundaries.

Ecosystem function:

Opportunities to enhance ecological networks.

What the map shows:

The map shows existing core habitats and stepping stones in black and opportunities to enhance ecological networks in green. Darker green indicates that there are opportunities for more than one network in this area.

How to interpret the map:

A well-connected ecological network with many, sufficiently large patches of core habitat increases overall biodiversity and resilience of species associated with ecological networks. This map shows opportunities to further strengthen the currently existing networks within Powys. Areas with opportunities for multiple networks are likely to require fieldwork to identify if multiple networks can be enhanced through considerate management benefitting multiple networks or to determine which network opportunity would be most beneficial to follow up and/or easiest to implement given ground conditions.

Why it is important:

Areas of core habitat within a habitat network benefit overall biodiversity levels, as the connections with other patches of core habitat enhances genetic diversity and, therefore, adaptability when faced with changing environmental conditions, e.g. climate change or changes in management. This helps to prevent local extinctions and, should local extinctions occur, facilitates re- colonisation.

How the map was created:

The multiple opportunities for ecological networks map was created based on the opportunities maps for individual areas. For each area, the map determines the number of opportunities and, if no opportunities are present, whether the area is core habitat for one or more networks.